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I bought the lamb totw, to supplement and add calories to my thin GSD and thought I had done the research. Can you back that up for me? I subscribe to dog food advisor , who reports on and records recalls. I went back a number of years and found nothing on TOTW. High levels of vitamin D! As evidenced by lots of rice looking bits in their stools.

Brown rice, on the other hand, is a quality whole grain and is digested as such. Kathreen Miller. Diet plays a really important role in pets health whether it is grain free diet or raw diet. The main thing is if your pet is getting proper protein, fats, carbohydrates, and carbs etc. Proper nutrition leads to, good health of pets and is natural pain relief for dogs in any sort of pain. February 27, am. Debra Fair.

Her anal area is red ,she eats grass, swallows like she wants to vomit,and if she does it is foamy with grass. What do I do? Thank you. February 21, pm. Ask your vet what kind of food would be good for your dog. A change in food can make her feel better. February 22, am. Pea is full of protein too. You could try alternating her protein rich food with vegetarian canned or vegetarian kibble food.

Or mix them in with it. Protein is important but too much is not beneficial. April 16, am. That is absolutely true about too much protein. Too much can give a dog diarrhea and overwork their internal organs. Not enough is just as bad. I would consider researching raw. Perhaps she is allergic to something In. The dry foods causing the anal irritation.

Bison is hard on their stomach, just boil chicken thighs 99 cents per pound and maybe white rice until her stomache feels better or she might bloat. AND switch your vet! November 4, am. Every dog on commercial dog food desperately needs probiotics. It sounds like her food might be the problem, but it might not be. You can find it in the yogurt usually in a small bottle that looks like a little milk bottle. So, if your dane is pounds, give 4 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon plus one teaspoon.

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Probiotics are a MUST, and even more so if a person or a dog is on antibiotics, because those kill bacteria including the good bacteria which are needed to fight illness. Janet Alaniz. Debra Fair : first of all are you giving your loving doggie human food? Because alot of time if you give your dog chicken or beef it could be the way you are giving it to them. Also access water gives them the runs. I hope you find the reason behind it as it is heart breaking watvhing ur pet suffer.

August 8, pm. In 1 week the differences are very noticeable. February 19, pm. July 13, pm. But today at Vet. They said Grain Free causes heart problems and go back to Grain!! A person reads one thing THEN another also!! January 26, pm. My vet says dogs eat animals in the wild that have tummies full of grains, so paleo is another fad, in my opinion.

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Domesticated dogs have evolved over centuries of eating table scraps, etc. More energy? I think this grain-free nonsense is just a ploy to get ppl to spend more money on dog food. Dogs have lived long, healthy lives on kibble for years and years. Unless your dog has some sort of special dietary needs, no reason to change that.

Save yourself some money and get the regular, grain-filled food. July 31, pm. You have no clue what you are talking about. I have two dogs that itch constantly. By eliminating the grain from their diets, it has helped a lot. Take the dog to a vet for itchy ears and paws and all they do is prescribe creams that do NOTHING to address the real issue which is diet.

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I totally disagree with all you are saying and until you experience this issue then you know not of what you speak. February 1, am. Nichole Stone. We spent thousands determining the allergens and it was actually certain meats amd environmental factors. Beef is supposedly a really common irritant.

Foods rich in omegas seemed to help the itching. I think the dawn soap baths and an egg a day with the food was the most helpful for the itching. August 17, pm. Dishwashing liquid? I had a doc tell me not to use Dawn without gloves bc it puts weird things my words, forgot the scientific words in your blood!

Life expectancy is impacted by grain free diet.

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Dogs can and do live to be 15 to 16 years old instead of 10 to Incidence of Bloat, which is dangerous in large breeds, is dramatically reduced. You are letting your finances determine your food choice. There are quality grain frees with lower price points to make it affordable and you feed less. February 7, pm. And there are humans who survive on little more than rice and water. Therefore all humans MUST be able to thrive on rice and water. We had our dog on it for 6 years until we moved into an area where Tractor Supply is very inconvenient.

April 10, am. Kristy Gervais.

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October 26, pm. John MArtin. Comparing the digestive track of a human to a dog is plain silly. In Humans where absorption of food takes place, the human intestinal tract is a lot longer than a dogs and therefore the body has more time to absorb nutrients from more complex foods such as plant and grain based foods. Dogs can not digest complex foods such as plants and grains because their digestive track is considerably shorter. May 18, pm. Look in the mirror before you go calling folks that feed meat to a meat eating carnivore crazy!

Remember those farm animals and fish provide fertilizer for all the organic farms in order to produce the vegetables they so crave! My dogs are allergic to wheat products. November 27, pm. The reason they lick their behinds which, if you ever bothered to do any research, you would realize , is because they are attempting, very desperately, to obtain unavailable nutrients, or poorly digested materials! The lack of knowledge in both the OP and the responses is so painful to read.

October 22, am. I feed my dogs diamond natral whitefish and potatoes brand. Hooked on Health.

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