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I am assuming this company is not related to the Body by Vi company? Pretty sure it's not but want to make sure.

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I must be a lightweight. On my resent road race marathon I only used 1 Cliff Gel every 5 miles about every 40 minutes and last weekend on a very hilly 11 mile trail run I only used 2 Cliff Gels. I would need to try samples of Vi to see if even 10mg of caffeine would work for me. The rest of the ingredients sound great. VFuel Gel Discount Code. Instead of the big build-up, I'm going to give you the payoff at the beginning. Freebird October 18, at PM.

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GU Lemon Sublime Energy Gel 123051-SINGLE, Quantity: 1, Age Group: Adults, Application: Running,

This product has helped me to eliminate most of my hydration and refueling struggles on long runs hrs. Thank you for a great product!!! Is there a plan to sell the Electroride Hydration in 20 pack as well? Otherwise keep up the good work! I want to thank you.

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I have been struggling for a few years now with food during an ultra. I worked with a nutritionalist earlier this summer prior my first mile race. After some discussions with her, I started looking for a more real food option that were easy to pack. While I like to eat bars, sometimes chewing more energy than I want to deal with. I found Spring and fell in love. The mild flavors worked great and I didn't get pallet fatigue with either the gels or the electroryde. This was the first race I have ran that I didn't have issues with food.

This product is by far the best product for performance Amazing product!!

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I absolutely love this product! I have used them on my long runs all summer, and I haven't bonked nor had GI issues!

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Blocks and other gels would leave my stomach in a knotted mess within 15 to 20 minutes, and I haven't had any issues with Spring Energy! The flavors are great, and my favorite is the McRae recovery! Thanks for making a natural product! One of the most dreaded things in running mile mountain races are the amount of gels I know I'll have to consume. Get my calories in an hour much more easily! I love you!!! I'm spreading the word like a sponsored athlete.

Hi there, I absolutely love this product! Thanks to Sally the Yellowrunner you have found another happy costumer. I wish there would be another option with Almond Butter instead. Thank you and keep up the great work!!

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I have been in long distance running for about 4 years now and one thing I always hated were the gels. I was hoping that someone would come up with something that really felt and tasted like real food and not a just a chemical concoction that is too sweet. I think I found that in Spring energy. I ordered a sample pack and tried it during my weekend long run along with their electrolyte pack. The gel tasted really good and provided sustained energy without spikes. The electrolyte also tasted good and has a zing to it and it not just sugary water.

I have already recommended this is to a few of my running friends and give out some try. I was a pacer at Umstead last weekend and used all three gels during the 13 mile HILLY loop and was amazed how powerful Spring was! I was strong and was able to keep my runner moving with no crashes in my own power. I just placed an order for Hill Aid and more electrolyte mix. It's very soothing for an ultra athlete tummy!! Thank you!! I have been searching for a real food option for a long time here in Australia and Spring Energy is the answer to all my woes.

I am so excited to have found a fuel that is honestly whole foods. And you can truly taste each ingredient. It's like sitting down for a snack while running along a trail but not having to stress about GI issues. No masking nasty chemicals with artificial sugars or sweetners. Just REAL food, that works! Hi, I've just recently started using your product and love it. I'd like to order more, but once the product is in my cart, I can't seem to access and order it. Please let me know what I can do. I'd like 1 box of Long Haul.

Thank you. Not only do I love the taste and ingredients but discovered the tab can stay with the main package.