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The Sonos Play:1 is the alpha in Sonos' alphabet.

The best Black Friday Sonos prices we can find across the entire multi-room range

It's not the most powerful of the bunch, but it definitely knows how to get the job done. It's 6.

Installing a Sonos Playbar

We love how easy it is to setup and its awesome sound quality, but thought that its low end could use a bit of oomph. Still, if you're looking to start a Sonos system without spending a lot, the Sonos Play:1 is the place to start. Read our review: Sonos Play The Sonos Play:3 is the middle child of the bunch.

It's more powerful than the puny Play:1, but doesn't have the same room-filling audio that you get from the Play For some people, though, it's just right. So how big is it?

Best deals on Sonos speakers

The Play:3 is 5. It has three Class-D amplifiers, one tweeter, two mid-woofers and a bass radiator. Again, here you'll find great audio quality and a pretty easy setup. Read our review: Sonos Play: 3.

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Dimensions: Here it is, the grand kahuna of the Sonos systems. The Sonos Play:5 is everything you can want in a network speaker.

It gets loud, but also sounds crystal clear at top volumes. It's obviously a bigger than its brethren, however, so keep that in mind before you try stuffing one into a one-room apartment. It's 8. It comes in two colors — white or black matte enclosure with graphite grille — and contains two built-in microphones that can tune it for your space. Unlike the Play:3 it has five Class-D amplifiers, three tweeters, three mid-woofers and a phased speaker array that separates sound into its three channels — left, right and center.

Good sound doesn't come cheap, but once you hear a Sonos Play:5 speaker you won't want anything else. Dimensions: 3. TVs might look great, but most of them definitely don't sound all that good.

Sonos Beam vs Sonos Playbar: which is better? | Trusted Reviews

That's why Sonos made the Playbar, a soundbar that can produce top-tier audio quality while simultaneously syncing up to your other multi-room speakers. It's definitely expensive, no doubt about it, but there's no other soundbar this well-connected. Here are some specs: First off, it's 3.

It only comes in one color and requires a separate mounting kit if you want to mount it beneath your screen. Read our review: Sonos Playbar. Dimensions: 2.

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Three years after the company released its first ever soundbar, the Playbar, Sonos has created the Playbase, a unique form factor sound system that combines a stable pedestal for your TV with an audio cabinet. Why did Sonos create a second home entertainment device? To that end, the Playbase was created to allow people to set their televisions right on top of the speaker, allowing for a compact home theater solution. We also think the design of the Beam is a lot more attractive, with the smaller footprint making it much easier to accommodate in your home.

The Sonos Beam has an eight-driver speaker system made up of four full-range woofers, one tweeter, and three passive radiators.

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It also has five Class-D digital amplifiers, adjustable bass and treble controls, and five far-field microphone array with advanced beamforming. The Sonos Playbar has no microphones, but it does have a nine-driver speaker system made up of six mid-woofers and three tweeters. There are also nine Class-D digital amplifiers, which are tuned to match the speaker drivers. Overall, despite the Beam's compact size, it still delivers in the sound department, though the Playbar offers the bigger sound experience.

The Sonos Beam is the more modern of the two sound bars being compared here, and as such, it has built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, so it's fully connected for streaming music, controlling compatible smart home devices and asking either assistant to help with a plethora of tasks. Playbar does have voice control too, but it requires a separate Alexa or Google Assistant device, such as an Amazon Echo , Google Home , Sonos One or Sonos Move to control it - so it's not an integrated experience.

Sonos One Discount

Other than that, Sonos Beam and Sonos Playbar offer the same features. They both run on Sonos platform, meaning they offer all the features that comes with the platform, including access to over streaming services, Trueplay tuning , EQ levels adjustment and grouping with existing Sonos speakers , which means they can either act as another multi-room speaker streaming music, or they can deliver the sound from your TV to other Sonos speakers around the house.

They also both offer Dialogue Enhancement - a feature that enhances vocal clarity - and Night Mode - a feature that tones down bass during loud action scenes - and they can both be controlled with a TV remote control. The Sonos Beam and Playbar are both two-in-one speakers, streaming music while also offering cinema sound to your TV. They can sit below the TV too, but they can also be wall-mounted to sit underneath a wall-hung TV. They also both offer similar features and functions, though Beam is more advanced and it connects to your TV via HDMI, unlocking the potential for much more control.

It's also half the cost of Sonos Playbar, which doesn't have quite as striking a design as Beam. If sound is what you're really after, Playbar does have a slightly more superior speaker system, but the smart choice pun intended , is the Beam. YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter. Best soundbars Sound Beam has an eight-driver speaker system Playbar has nine-driver speaker system Both have Class-D digital amplifiers to match speaker drivers The Sonos Beam has an eight-driver speaker system made up of four full-range woofers, one tweeter, and three passive radiators.